Online Capabilities Training Agenda

Please Note:

  • It is a requirement to complete our 4-Day Foundational Certification Training and become a Grief Recovery Method Specialist before beginning our Online Capabilities Training.
  • ​To use the Grief Recovery Method programs and lesson plans online, you must complete our Online Capabilities Training.
  • ​​You can bundle the 4-Day Foundational Certification Training and Online Capabilities Training together upon your initial registration and receive a discounted rate.

There are four training modules within the Online Capabilities Training:

Online One-on-One

Online Support Group

Online Helping Children with Loss

Online Pet Loss

You will unlock access to a total of 24 hours of training in the four modules.
It is a deeper dive into each of our four main lesson plans.

Each module is a series of online, pre-recorded videos. These videos are generally
30 minutes long and can be viewed at your convenience.

After each video, you'll be required to complete and pass a brief quiz to document your understanding of the material. You can take the quiz multiple times if needed.

Upon completion of each module, you will gain access to online specialist support materials as well as a variety of live and pre-recorded webinars.

After you complete the training, you will have the ability to list yourself in our Grief Recovery Method online database and advertise your ability to lead these formats online.

You will also receive unlimited telephone and teleconferencing support as needed.

Why should I enroll in the Online Capabilities Training?

  • You can work with anyone who has the desire to go through the Grief Recovery Method anywhere in the world. You are not limited to your geographic location.
  • You have the opportunity to work with anyone in your personal database, your social media channels, your clients' friends and family members, or any other individual, group or organization around the world where you have contacts.
  • You can utilize your Grief Recovery Method Specialist micro website to connect with potential clients and schedule your Grief Recovery Method Online One-on-One, Group, HCWL and Pet Loss sessions.
  • ​You will be included in our Grief Recovery Method online directory. Your inclusion in this directory allows possible clients to search for you by name, language or keywords.
  • ​You can continue working with clients on additional relationships online using our Alumni format.
  • ​Your clients will have a lower barrier of entry. Often, grieving people are scared, isolated, and apprehensive to attend an in-person group or one-on-one session. Many of these people prefer to engage from the safety and comfort of their own home via the internet.
  • ​Online Capability Training includes six months of Tier 1 Marketing Coaching, which gives you access to more than 200 hours of Grief Recovery Method specific marketing videos.
  • ​You will have lower overhead expenses because, working from home, you won't have to rent space. Plus, the annual Online Capabilities renewal fee of $347 US is waived for your first year.
  • ​​All formats have recommended minimum client pricing to help assure you have an idea of the basic rate for each online program. Using these recommended prices, it is possible to make up the cost of the initial investment and annual fees.

Please Note:

  • To lead the Grief Recovery Method online, you will need to purchase an online video platform that is HIPPA compliant with the ability to host breakout rooms and provide timeframes longer than an hour.
  • ​​We allow the use of Zoom Pro, Teams, Telehealth, and
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