4-Day Foundational Certification Training Agenda

4-Day Foundational Certification Trainings are held four consecutive days:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

*There will be homework assignments the first three days of the training.

Trainings are held multiple times per month rotating through different time zones.

You can participate in training in any time zone.
Just align your start time with the start time in the time zone the training is being held.


Eastern Standard Time


Central Standard Time


Pacific Standard Time


Greenwich Mean Time/United Kingdom

Programs begin at 8:30am each morning and conclude each evening at 5:30pm.

*Times may vary slightly based on number of participants and program location. A program Itinerary will be forwarded with your confirmation.
Check your confirmation carefully for any time variances.

What will we be learning specifically?

It’s an intense training and you will learn a lot in 4 days! Our GRM programs, in addition to the
Grief Recovery Handbook, have helped over a million people worldwide.

  • The Grief Recovery Method Principles
  • ​What is Grief
  • What is Incomplete Loss
  • ​How to Identify Incomplete Loss
  • ​Concepts of Recovery
  • ​Grief Recovery Educational Skills
  • ​​Grief Recovery Communication Skills
  • ​​​Development of Completion Exercises
  • ​​​Teaching Role Sets
  • ​​Practical Application Training
  • ​​An introduction to the five proven programs and lesson plans you can offer in your community
  • ​Specialist Resource Center
  • ​GRM Micro Websites
  • ​Onboarding and Pilot Program Support
  • ​Ongoing Support with our Support Team
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