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What is the one thing your clients are
often struggling to overcome?

Learn the evidence based program to effectively help people walk through
grief and loss.

Whether it is a job loss, a change of direction in life or work, the end of a relationship, an estrangement in a relationship, a divorce, health changes, loss of trust, loss of safety, not getting a promotion, not meeting your business goals, not meeting your financial goals, a loss of dreams or a broken dream, or a death of someone that impacts you.....emotionally, everyone struggles with loss. And so they grieve.  


We have trained thousands of coaches. Here's what some of them have to say...

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Grief isn't just about death and divorce.

People can grieve over anything or anyone they’ve lost. And, how they cope with these mental and emotional changes impacts every choice they make...

  • Is a client still hurting from losing a job? 
    Disappointment and anger make it hard to muster the energy to look for a new job or consider a new career.
  • Is a client struggling to turn around a once profitable business? 
    Worrying over recent performance and fear of further losses can be debilitating.
  • Is a client broken-hearted from the end of a romantic relationship?
    Fear from the past keeps people from opening to new love.
  • Is a client afraid to try new things because of past failure?
    Regret holds people back from exploring new possibilities.
  • Is a client struggling with sudden or chronic health issues?
    Frustration and fear make it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

10 Ways to use TGRM with your clients

Benefits of using the Grief Recovery Method (GRM)
in your coaching practice


There are multitudes of coaches out there with offerings. Having a grief certification by the Grief Recovery Method provides an invaluable service that is different and
highly effective.

A more effective
coaching practice

Since unresolved grief is a block to reaching goals, having the right tools to navigate grief allows for more effective coaching and better outcomes.

Evidence based

The coaching profession is not regulated, which can be a deterrent for potential clients. Providing the Grief Recovery Method, a program backed by research, is an advantage.

Networking for referrals

There can, at times, be division between coaches and mental health professionals. The GRM can provide coaches a bridge to build referral networks with mental
health providers.

Client referrals

Historically, more than 50% of people who have gone through the Grief Recovery Method have been referred by others who had life changing outcomes themselves. This is because the GRM often solves problems other offerings do not address.

Grief Recovery Institute

The GRI has been established for more than 40 years and has a recognizable brand and exceptional reputation. By completing our grief certification training, you are associated with a wealth of experience
and resources.

Using the Grief Recovery Method (GRM) as a tool in your practice

By going through our 4-day Foundational Grief Certification Training, you will get access to lead five different Grief Recovery Method formats in-person with your clients which include:  

7-session Grief Recovery Method One-on-One Format

8-session Grief Recovery Method group format

4-session Grief Recovery Method alumni format

(to work on additional losses)

6-session Pet Loss format

4-week Helping Children with Loss format

Going through our additional Online Capabilities Training will allow you to work online with your clients using the same formats. 

Hear from coaches who have made the Grief Recovery Method an integral part of their practice

Here are four full-length testimonial videos for you to view.

Sandi Derby
Life & Professional Development Coach

Hannah Wachter
Confidence Coach

Vicki Hagadorn
Life Coach

Tami Dowd
Career, Leadership, Grief & Loss Coach